CLICK here to see Our Automotive-Repair Software Catalog or click Catalog at the Main-Menu. Our Windows software, fully updated to 2014, covering SRS-Airbags, Auto-HVAC, Transmissions, No-Start, ASE Exams and more. We also have over 90 automotive-technology books and DVDs-Videos on Amazon and Google-Play Android APPs. Give us a chance to show you. Use the menu LINKS for more...

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Automotive throttle actuation control tool
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Universal ABS Bleeder


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ASE A8 Certification Software
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OBD 2 DTC code companion
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  1. Test Solenoids and Valves.
  2. HVAC Variable-Displacement A/C Compressors (variable swash plate).
  3. Injector Leak Down Testing and Operation.
  4. Electric Parking Brake and Electric Calipers Testing.
  5. Air-Fuel or Wide-Angle (5 wire) O2 Sensors (Fuel Trims Skewed). New
  6. Electronic Throttle Actuator (cable-less throttle) Testing & Cleaning.
  7. ETC Throttle Dual-TPS Sensors.
  8. Universally Test all Ignition Coils. 
  9. Oscilloscope Waveform Diagnostics Right Through Your FUSE (Incl. Injectors, Coils, All Connected to FUSE)
  10. Secondary MISFIRE Capture and Diagnostics.
  11. Test Compression and Engine Health.
  12. Test Vacuum Engine Health.
  13. COP Ignition Coil Misfire Diagnostics.
  14. ECM Sensor Testing and Operation.
  15. Battery Draining Over-Night/Shorted Computer or Module.  New
  16. OBD-2 Network Diagnostics right through the DLC (diagnostics) connector.
  17. Test Any and ALL Actuator Components (Motors, Solenoids, Valves, Positioners, Fuel-Pumps, & More)
  18. GDI/CRDI - Direct Injector & Common-Rail-Direct-Injector Pulser Tester.   New

(Coming Soon - CRDI/GDI Direct Injector Pulser-Tester (Gas/Diesel))
(Call or E-mail Us to Get on the List)

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