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Mandy Concepcion (Senior equipment and software developer, publisher and writer).

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What We have or Coming Soon Devices:

What we have now!

BLUE-VOLTAGE-SIMULATOR ECM Regulated Ground, 5 & 8 Volts
ELETROTHROTTLE ETC Electronic Throttle Actuator Tester
RETRACTOR Electronic Parking Brake Tool (EPB)
ZAPPER Ignition Coil Pulser and Tester
Wow Fuel Injector Pulser Tool
Fuse-Peeker Automotive Current Analyzer
Mr BOB DLC OBD-2 Connector Electronic Breakout Box
Scan-1 Automotive Scan Tool with Automated Testing
TransDoctor Automotive Transmission Electronic Diagnostics and Shifter
Automotive Vacuum Peek Transducer Probe
Automotive Secondary Ignition Probe
Automotive Compression Peek Transducer Probe

Coming Soon

ECM-Ghost Automotive Electronic Breakout Box
Scope-1 Automotive Engine Analyzer and Oscilloscope
Automotive Doughnut Clamp-On Current Probe
Automotive High Current Clamp-On Probe
IGNI-PLEXER Automotive Ignition Engine Analyzer Multiplexer (adds 12 ignition channels to your Scope's channel 1 (A) or Scope-1)
GDI Direct Injector Pulser Tester
AFR Wide-Band O2 Sensor Current Probe
ABS Solenoid Bleeder Tester

PC-Based (EFFGA) Electronic Fuel Flow Gauge Analyzer

16 Channel Scope Converter Multiplexer
(converts 1 scope channel to accept 16 separate sensor/actuator inputs)


  For the past 35 years, advances in automotive technology has NOT kept pace with the available training and technician integration/resources. The modern technician or repair shop is now faced with a great deal of decision making. Things like which equipment to buy, where to get trained, and how to reach the right repair information are everyday dilemmas that have to get solved for businesses to be profitable. Techs and repair shops throughout the country are always scrambling to make their job easier. The concept of integration is almost unknown in auto repair circles due to the fact that many companies keep their technology proprietary. Integration is the ability of all shop applications/programs to talk to each other. This means that your invoicing system should know from the get-go that if you're faced with an O2 sensor DTC, the scan tool talks to the invoicing system and it's able to detect if the same O2 sensor was replaced a month ago, without the service writer having to check manually at the historical records. The previous example demonstrate one of thousands of possible scenarios dealing with the concept of integration. In order to tackle the super complex vehicles coming out today and tomorrow the modern repair shop needs all the help they can get. Integration between the scanner, techline-service, invoicing, oscilloscope (measuring equipment) and the Internet is an absolute must. Integration is meant to lift a huge load from the technician and service writer thereby increasing efficiency.

There is also one area in which this industry has always been very lacking, and this is the ability for a tech or shop to get the right training and equipment. The right training doesn't mean a text book and useless Kits that simply tech you what you already know. The modern auto technician needs specific and specialized training. In other words, what do you, the tech or repair shop, need to know to fix a modern vehicle system. The same goes for the equipment. As time goes by the equipment and information on how to use this equipment is not keeping up with time. Companies increase and set prices and capabilities as they see fit, with no regards for what the technician needs.

Here, at AUTOMOTIVE DIAGNOSTICS & PUBLISHING we do just that, offer modern, practical, and up to date training for the automotive repair community, as well as the right type of equipment and how to use it. We are very much interested in allowing the modern repair shop technician squeeze as much from the diagnostic tool as possible. We are working very hard to always implement an entire array of HELP features into our PC based tools. Such features comprise embedded videos right into the software, more information, automated testing of different components, parameter red flagging for off-scale values, on-the fly diagrams for different components and wireless communications for easy data transfer. Integration is also a must for the shop of tomorrow. We cater to the modern repair shop and/or technician with the best in  PRACTICAL TRAINING and HAND-HELD/PC Based EQUIPMENT through our books and DVDs, software and interfaces. Our books and videos are custom made/edited and geared towards the practical, hands-on aspect of automotive repair. You get top performance training in the comfort of your own home, for a fraction of the cost of personalized classes. And through the VIDEO DVD and CD-ROM media, the possibilities are limitless. All our videos are packed with special effects-titles and explanations making them a whole lot easier to comprehend. At the same time, we also have On-Line Training capabilities above and beyond what any other company offers.

Don't be caught off-guard in the automotive repair training, information and equipment battle. Trust our experience and our products to supply you with the best SPECIALIZED service and training possible. Thank you.

Who is Automotive Diagnostics & Publishing

In 2003 Automotive Diagnostics and Publishing was founded by Mandy Concepcion. The goal was to provide integration, custom geared training, repair software and equipment for the automotive repair community. The pace of modern automotive technology is almost incomprehensible to most people outside the industry. Few professions are so demanding in both the amount of training and equipment needed for the job. Our company understands that and engages primarily in the development of features and information rich content training, repair and equipment products. Integration, which is now the center of many of our efforts is the ability for smart applications/programs to talk to each other and come up with solutions that would otherwise be impossible to detect. Imagine if your shop had all the basic technologies working together; the scan-tool, measuring equipment (scope/DMM), invoicing system and Internet techline service. Whatever happens on one application the others will also know and recognize a possible issue or problem. This is what you can expect from our technologies.

As a wholesale operation to schools and tool houses, we develop, test and manufacture all of our dedicated PC based software, interface boxes and training DVDs, books and CD-ROMs. We do not sell third party products, although that may always be a possibility. Since our company is also deeply immersed in actual diagnostics, our products are made to work. We know what the repair shops need and we keep it in mind throughout the design process. The introduction of the Scan-1, Scope-1 and FREE Virtual-Training Engine built into the scanner software has given us an edge in technology. These are the most modern and feature rich products on the market, with an eye to a short learning curve and ease of use. On the training side of our operation, our DVD videos are constantly being updated and new ones are being developed and coming on line all the time. No other company can match us in expertise, knowledge, complete contact with the industry's need and quick manufacture. Due to this fact, we cater to the specific needs of technicians, shops owners, schools and companies like no other tool developer. Although we cater to the average technician and repair shop, schools, specialized diagnostic entities and government institutions in custom design of specialized products.

We also run and operate a Nationwide Web-Based Techline Service. Our Integrated Scan-1 and Internet Techline Service are technologies created at our California facility. Our job is to help repair shops solve faults that are difficult to solve. This way we can stay current with all the newer systems and recurrent problems out in the field. This is by far the biggest difference between us and our competition, we are engineers and working technicians. The company also engages in training on-demand, tailored to the specific needs of each shop using the Scan-1 and Techline Internet service. Our on-demand training programs can range from equipment usage (scanners, oscilloscopes, GMM, signal generators as well as our own PC Based equipment), OBD-2 strategies, tracing network faults, factory antitheft, ABS systems, Electronic Transmissions, to how to advertise your repair shop on the internet. The repair business is changing at an impressive rate. Future shop owners will have to be on top of technology trends, such as attracting customers using a Website, using the PC to do their diagnostics and having the right information and training. Technology integration and smart application for your shop will give you an edge and make your customers appreciate your business. (see our newsletter for an expanded coverage on technology integration).

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